Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scrap the Mac, Leave the OS

This is the true story of a man’s journey beyond the hardware and into the OS….. Join me on a fantastic adventure of greedy, deception, and virtual machines. It’s simple I want to eliminate my mini mac and run osx in VMware so that I can install xcode iphone sdk. Is it possible? VERY! and I will explain.

I always see on forums, people pissed there isn’t an xcode release for windows.

Well if your not invited to the party, crash it. There are two options on the table. One download OSx86 and install a dual boot of windows vista & OSx. Two try to get VMware to run OSx86. I choose option number two because I did not want the hassle of dual booting. I want instant joy….

Before I begin I should state that you should buy a licensed copy of OSx if you intend on keeping it installed and plan on using it. This tutorial is purely for educational purposes and does not include any software.

In order to run the iPhone Xcode SDK you need 10.5.5 or greater with iTunes 8. You could install OSx86 stright through vmware. But why reinvent the wheel. A simple torrent search of “MacOS 10.5.5 VMWARE image” will land you exactly what you need.

Once downloaded you’re going to want to boot the VMware image. This version booted really quick and wasn’t clunky and slow like the other vmware images. I do run a quad core and was able to dedicate 2 processors to it and 1.5 gig of memory. I’m sure that made some difference but should be two different on a solo core.

All you really need to do is download the iPhone SDK through the apple website. At that point everything should be all good.

Desktop Resolution Fix if you get annoyed by the 1024 x 768. Its nice running OSx at the same resolution as your desktop and just full screen it

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